Post Processing in Photoshop

To quote Lee from Tuesday night…. ‘you’re all cheaters’ – so everyone, here’s how you cheat!

Ok, jokes aside, ideally you don’t want to have to employ these techniques on every photo you ever take it’s a lot more time efficient to get it it as right as possible in camera. However, if you’ve somehow messed up or the situation changed quicker than you could change your exposure or you just want your image to pack an extra bit of punch, there are a few things you can try to enhance or recover your image.

Firstly set up a ‘filing’ system on your computer that suits you and is easy to save your photos in. Then use Bridge to review your images, don’t waste your time editing those that aren’t any good. Part of being a good photographer is being a good editor and that includes culling those not so great photos. If you can successfully cull the bad photos it lets the good ones really shine.

Once you’ve chosen the photos you want to process open the RAW file in Photoshop, doing this brings up this window:

Open your RAW/NEF image in Photoshop

Check out my handy notes on what each slider does:

What each slider does

don’t forget you can ‘reuse’ a previous set of adjustments or revert to your original by using this drop down menu.

Drop Down Menu

And you can make a great image even better!

post processing can enhance an image

Now you have your ‘processed’ image you may want to share it use the file menu under > Image to bring up this window:

Image Resize

Remember that you want a resolution of

75  for screen images

150 for screen images with flexibility or zoom options

240-300 for printing

Then use the width and height to change the physical size of your image.

Keep the 3 boxes at the bottom ticked so that you don’t warp your image.

I showed you how to use the Clone/Stamp Tool

Clone Tool


Before and After Clone Retouch Tool

Using the Clone Tool to Retouch an Image


Finally we talked about using actions and batch processing to speed up your processing.

Your Actions menu is found under your file menu > Window > Actions,

Open and image and record your actions, press stop and then apply to any other images you desire.

Alternatively you can find your batch processing window under file menu> File>Automate>Batch

Have fun processing and saving your images! I’m looking forward to our on location shoot next weekend!


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