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Composition and Flash

This week we covered composition. To learn about composition means thinking about tried and tested visual techniques that can improve your photos. They are not the rule for every situation but ways of packing some punch into a shot that’s not exactly working out the way you might like.

Rule of thirds.

Rule Of Thirds Portrait

Is when you place strong or essential elements of the image on the place where the photo may be divided into thirds. Rule of Thirds can be used on anything from landscapes to portraits.

Rule of Thirds Landscape

Leading Lines

Example of leading lines

Using a line, natural or man made to direct the viewers eye in or around the image. A leading line can be large or small.

Natural Framing

Natural framing in your photograph

Consider using elements in your image to frame your subject.

Point of View

Low Point of View

High point of view

Consider changing the place from where you take your photo from. Get down low or get up high. This can also be a good way to de-clutter a busy background. Also consider, moving in or cropping to get an unusual view point.


We also covered using your flash. I showed you how to use a hot-shoe flash to bounce light. We also discussed times you might find your on camera flash useful, or how to soften the flash so you could actually use it.

As a spot Fill flash in low light

Fill Flash

To balance light or shade

Filling Shadows on a Bright day.

Try and use some techniques this week in your photos. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with next week.

Some images this week are from other places on the web. To view source/photographer click on the image.