Shutterbugs is a workshop to help you improve your photography skills. It’s run Tuesday nights at 6.30 in the Victoria Park Center for the Arts. The next course starts Tuesday 28th May 2013.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can get the most out of your camera or get better shots of your family and friends then come hang out with me on Tuesday nights! Have you bought a ‘real camera’ vowing to use it properly and left it sitting on Auto since the day you bought it?

My name is Claire, I have a degree in Photography from Curtin and 15 years of shooting weddings, portraits and commercial photographs under my belt. I’m also a mum to two gorgeous girls who I’m constantly taking photos of. I’m hoping I’ve covered enough situations to have been where you are and know how to solve it. I’ll provide you with lots of tips and tricks of the trade to make your photo taking easier and more intuitive, as well as covering some digital post processing techniques to make your photos pop once you’ve taken them.

The group is small 6-8 people per course. We’ll discuss techniques to use your camera better and take better photos. Together we’ll talk about the photos you’ve taken and asses how or where you could improve them or make them better. Each week I’ll blog about what we covered. That way you’ll have a helpful reference during the week when you’re out and about testing your new found skills.

My aim is to keep the discussions mostly open ended so that you get exactly what you want out of the group. If you want to know what all those numbers mean and what that little toggle thing on the front of your camera is, I can help. If you want more help taking photos in a dark room then that’s what we’ll talk about. If you’re wondering why all your friends are washed out and the backgrounds are black then that’s what we’ll talk about. If you just want your photos to look like a professional took them then we’ll talk about that too!

The Details

The courses run Tuesday nights for 5weeks, plus a 2hour on location shoot on the last weekend. Our weeknight meetings are at the Victoria Park Center for the Arts at 6.30pm for about 2 -2.5hours. The cost for the 6weeks is $150. Contact me by leaving a comment on this blog or email me shutterbugschool@gmail.com if you are interested in joining us. It should be a fun casual environment and you’ll be able to take better photos at the end of it all!

Other Options

If you’re interested and can’t make Tuesday nights contact me anyway because sometimes I run the course other nights.

I’m also offering my services as a one off tutor. I can come to you and help you out for anywhere from a couple of hours up to a day with what ever you want. Prices start at $150 for two hours. Why not get a group of friends together and have a ‘photo party’ I’ll hang out with you and your cameras and give you tips as you go! Contact me if you want more info on something like this.


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